Theoretical and philosophical right to happiness, as a constitutional right;

Culture happiness in an inequitable world;

Chance equality;

Tolerance and solidarity;

Social happiness as a result of human solidarity;

Stimulating interest in human rights and fundamental freedoms involvement, within a society committed to respecting the dignity and personality of each individual; 

Developing the understanding of the relationship between state and citizen - a way to substantiate the theory that man is in the core state; the ratio between public rights and freedoms and fundamental duties of citizens;

Promoting international documents on human rights;

Promoting  the right to education in the follow up academic education;

Developing the capacity for knowledge and understanding the role of law as a factor of social behavior rates.


Research awareness of rights and obligations among young people – high school students and university students- as well as among teachers  within the "Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University; 

Informing and educating young people and other social groups on human rights and public freedom;

Developing interactive communication skills on human rights and fundamental freedom, and on the fundamental correlative duties and obligations; increasing the young people and adults’ awareness about the need to respect human rights and correlative obligations;

Increasing the quality of programs for young people in the civil, political, social and economic rights;

Disseminating largely information on human rights and correlative obligations, by developing a material to be published in the conference communications.