International Conference

The Rule of Law: from its Origins to the Present

Bucharest September 9-11, 2021   

IVR pre-World Congress event


The Rule of Law foundation entails a complex historical process, encountering both achievement and hindrance, with strong particular accents based on the social, political and cultural factors of each country. It is a process in which social actions should be oriented towards authenticity, moral soundness and civil exigencies. 

It should also set up a democratic environment, while strengthening state responsibility, of efficient controlling means, of a coherent and stable law order, of strict promotion of lawfulness and constitutionality principles, to the cardinal axiological  landmark of human metamorphosis.

The International Conference aims at reuniting eminent researchers in all academic fields, with a particular focus on law, social philosophy and the philosophy of law. The event is dedicated to G.W.F. Hegel and John Rawls, celebrating 200 years of Hegel’s formidable Grundlinien der Philosophie des Rechts and John Rawls‘ 100th anniversary.    

In preparation of the 30th biennial World Congress of the International Association for the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy, that will take place in Bucharest at DCCU, in 2022, we have partnered with the esteemed Association in order to develop a fruitful scientific approach on law, philosophy, social study and their intersection. 

We are very pleased to announce the participation of Professor Matthias Mahlmann, President of the International Association for the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy, Professor Mortimer Sellers, former President of IVR, and Professor Michael Molls, Director of the Institute for Advanced Study at the Technical University of Munich.